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Enhance the beauty of your home with

Naturally, it’s more than just aesthetics!

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, enjoy the warm ambiance of logs with the practicality of conventional construction. Stevens Point Log Homes' insulated TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING allows you to create an energy efficient affordable home with a full-log look.

sample half log from sawmill Our premium, hard-to-find, handpeeled style or our machine assisted rustic-hewn style is thick enough to combine with FULL LOG CORNERS resulting in an exterior that is indistinguishable from full-log construction.

Unlike other log-siding products on the market, which are shaped from thick, square beams, called cants, our TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is produced by actually cutting logs in half – maintaining the natural contours of the log. Comparing TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING to these other products is like comparing the uniformity of a bricks to the varied and interesting texture of fieldstones.

sample half log from sawmill
  • Full-log aesthetics at affordable prices
  • Total interior and exterior design flexibility
  • No log settling
  • Increased energy efficiency
Save Time and Money on Construction
  • Use your own contractor
  • Hidden mechanicals using conventional plumbing and electrical methods
  • Planed on three-sides for easier installation

As an added benefit, you will save money on heating and cooling bills. Stevens Point Log Homes' insulated TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING increases energy efficiency and gives your building R-Values higher than many other wall systems.

Want more detail?
Click here to read more about “THE BEAUTY OF TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING”.



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